Everyone Should Be Blogging.  I don’t know what else to say but that.

Okay… you want to know *why* you should be blogging, right?

The Internet is here to stay.

About…  oh gosh, more years ago than I care to actually type… a guy said to me, as I was waiting for my modem to connect to AOL..  “The Internet won’t be around for long.  It’s going to be so heavy, it will implode into itself.”

At the time, I thought that was the dumbest thing I ever heard before in my life.  Since then, I’ve not heard much that was dumber than that.

I mean… what does that even mean, anyway?

Doesn’t matter.

Oh, why you should be blogging, sorry.

The Internet IS here to stay.  It’s making the world smaller and smaller…  we can talk to people all over the world in an instant… stay in touch with friends and family.

More and more people are working from home, myself included, and there’s not as much “going out” as there used to be.  We meet people online, since… they’re right there in our computers.

So how do we get to know new people… make new friends?  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spreecast, forums…  and Blogs.

A whole community can be built from a blog.  You can have a personal blog, where you talk about the kids, the day to day stuff.  Or, you can have a business blog, where you sell stuff.  You can even have an educational blog, where you teach people stuff.  (“Stuff” is one of my favorite words, btw.  It’s very descriptive.  Insert George Carlin reference here.)

An old Junior High School friend of mine has a personal blog, that’s fantastic.  Man, she can write.  You can see that here..  http://www.thebipolardiva.com/

Other friends of mine write on a regular basis as well.  Janelle Pineau, Tom Wacker, Nick Grimshawe, Lynn M… the list goes on and on.  They do it so you can get to know them better.  They kinda do it to sell their stuff… but mostly so you can get to know them better.

We all want to know YOU better!  If you’re already part of our community, start a blog!  Let us know what programs you like, or don’t like… talk about your kids… whatever!

Also.. a big thing for me is…  get a domain with your name in it.  I know.. This page doesn’t have my name, but I do own SunnySuggs.com.  (which will be getting a makeover here soon)

Don’t use those free host-your-blog places…  you never know when you’ll be shut down.  It also just looks more professional, grownup, whatever to have your very own domain.  It really doesn’t cost much, $10 for a domain, $5 a month for hosting.  It’s worth it.

If you have no clue how to build your own blog – check out my blog at Built Just For You, and get in on the email series.  My series shows you step by step what you need to do to set up and maintain a blog.

Get out of your comfort zone!  Let people get to know you!




This is a pretty cool little plugin packed with features.

Not only can you have your readers “rate” your post – you can ask them questions while they’re rating.

I don’t like how big it is, or that I can’t center it (I probably can if I go in the code) but once we get more readership on this blog, I think it’ll be pretty cool!

You can download Feedweb here.

Wow.  Where has this plugin been all my life?

So.  You start a new blog – grab this ONE plugin “WP Quick Deploy” and install it.  Then, check some boxes…  click go – you’re done.  I really thought I was a fast blog putter upper…  but this will make me even faster!  Yay!

You can download this plugin here.


Is actually the name of a plugin.  In fact, you’ll see it at the bottom of this post.

I had just about abandoned this blog – because I start too much, and don’t finish it.  But, after some soul searching, and reorganization, I’ve decided that this blog will be pretty important to the stuff I have coming up.

I’ll be taking down the Built Just 4 U website – Robert Puddy and I have been working on a new one, called Membership Site Goldmine.  It’s like BJ4U on steroids.

Free members will get content every single month.  A downloadable file with content they can use in blogs, build a list with, even build a membership site around.  I’m really really excited about it.

Of course…  we’ll still build it just for you, if you want.

Anyway, if there’s something you’d like to see on this blog – fill out the form below!

You can download this plugin here.

“This plugin will allow you to enter your Uptime Robot API key and will provide a dashboard widget that will show you each of your current monitors, the monitor ID, their type, ratio and will provide a link to each of the sites in question.

Each listing is also color coded visually depending on its status, providing much needed information at a quick glance.”

At first I thought this was a “show everybody” widget, but it is not.

You’ll see it in your dashboard (which is why it says “dashboard” widget.

But… it did get me to sign up to Uptime Robot.  What stunned me was.. it’s absolutely free.  Monitor up to 50 websites – every 5 minutes?  That’s crazy talk!

But… it’s true.  It’ll send you an email if your site goes down.  If you have your email going to your phone, you’ll be notified immediately.

If you wanna download the DASHBOARD widget, you can get that here!

So… in my search for a “fun” plugin, I ran across Fun Facts.  It’s a widget that you can put on the sidebar – and it spews random stuff.

“Adds a sidebar widget that display interesting, useless, weird and wonderful random fun facts.”

The database is small, but you’re able to add to it.  I suspect you could even monetize it – put random ads in.

I think I like it – maybe people could contribute things we could put in it.  What do you think?

If you’d like to download this plugin – you can by clicking here.

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